Hafu G2

Pretty self explanatory.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated!


He's so cute!


I don't really know what to say

He's cute and has good parts usage.


I really like the concept with the feet, but the studs clash horribly with the CCBS. I'd recommend putting some tiles or cheese slopes on them. Also, I feel the burnt orange is really out of place, and isn't well distributed. Perhaps have the chest be burnt orange as well?

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There are no size 5 burnt orange shells, so I can't make the chest burnt orange.

Could you try a smaller size and see how it looks? Alternatively, could you try using tan?

I've tried, but this is the result.

I don't have any tan shells either so I can't use tan.

I see. Gonna guess that you don't have many parts in general?

Yeah, I only discovered bionicle in '06, and got involved with the lore in '08. I don't have many technic parts and a only bought around 10-15 sets from each year. :confounded: I bought HF, but not too much.

That's cool. I could think of a few ways that you could fill that gap, but not with many common parts.

The feet look a little odd, but a nice reimagining otherwise.

Asymmetrical armoring. -1 Point.
No elbows. -1 Point.
Awkward exposed axles on feet. -1 Point.
Overly simplistic design to the point that it hurts the MOC. -1 Point.

+4 points.

Yup looks like it about evens out. :thumbsup:


The bane of my Matoran.

If you have the size-1 bones to spare I'd recommend using them to improve the articulation, also I really don't like the feet, I can excuse the burnt orange because I like the color, but I think tan would look better.

Yeah, he has stubs for feet... XD


He's adorable! My only real complaint is that the head seems too big, but you can't really change that.

Another Hafu original

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Give me this cute little guy

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