Hagax the Outcast

"Along with the rumors of the demonic plant creature hiding in the Jungle Region, there was also a rumor or better yet more of a ghost story of a Fire Region Protector and his encounter. Though the story has been changed a few times over the year the basic chain of events remained the same, he gets separated from his group, gets lost and finds the ever hungry plant entity that infects him with it's venom. Though as it seemed he somehow managed to get away from it before becoming a dead husk. However this is where most stories start to vary some say he died, others say he went insane from the venom and got eaten by the wild life eventually. But the truth was something nobody was believing, He managed to keep his sanity but when he saw himself in the reflection of the river once he regained his conciseness after running away from Naha'saar. He wanted to find help so he headed towards the Fire Region while hiding from anyone else in the Jungle Region. Once at his home he seeked out a friend of his, hoping the person would listen to him, but as it seemed even his voice changed along with his body. Hagax was quickly captured and chained, the small village thought he was a monster of sort and they were considering about his execution thinking that the way he looks it would be a mercy kill. Hagax hearing that he was about to be executed he mustered all of his strength and broke his chains then ran away. The fire villagers did chase after him for a while but soon they gave up. Hagax was never heard from ever again, and his encounter was never confirmed by anyone just keeping it as a story. In the mean time Hagax was forced into exile, roaming between the Jungle and Fire Region, here and there stealing some food from the trade convoys that pass by."

Well, to be fair I was trying to work on a different MOC but for some reason I still have no clue what to do with it, I just have it's torso and head, nothing more. And after a bit I looked at Hagax's Shadow Agori version

and had the thought of why not give him an Okoto counter part. And to be fair the Shadow Agori idea was good in my head but the initial plan was to give him a "Shadow Glatorian" form, but since the whole Bara Magna saga is way behind us and the G2 verse could use some "meat" thought I'll give the island this little guy.


Another one Of ek's relatives?


He was not intended to be o.O

I have a lot of those...

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