Hahli Mini Mahri

I posted this to the bonkle subreddit a little while ago but I might as well post it here too lol. I made most of the custom parts in studio part designer with the exception of the two torso parts that make up the gearbox. I was asking my friend Valt for ideas and advice on how to make a metru style gearbox that small and he had a thought but was not able to explain it well over DMs so he just made the parts quick and sent me the file lol. So credit goes to him for making those 3D models. This Hahli is just a cool looking proof of concept of the build style not the main intended result of the style or anything like that


It actually looks pretty nice for the scale you’re going for

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yes. also hope is if it were to be made physically none of the parts would break easily . hence things like the beefy shoulders

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I like the wings

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they do be good wings. hope for the shoulder design is also that it would be modular, able to have multiple very unique shoulders on different toa with only one new mold

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pretty sweet lookin’
if only the figures in the bonkle
playsets were this good…


thats the plan. big plans not a lotta time yada yada. something something lego world builder

This Hahli did not skip arm day. :slight_smile: She looks really good though, would be very happy to see the sets looking like this.

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idea is hypothetically if this was a toa cannister set there could also be matoran centric system sets sold alongside them