HAHLI, Toa Of Water! (sort of upgraded)

Hello and welcome, i introduce to you ‘Hahli’, but then upgraded, sort of.

previously i maded another upgraded version of Hahli, (it is still up by my other topics!) but after a couple weeks i decided to do it again, but then more sleeker and a more stable build.

so i came up with this, i am really proud with it and she has more personality then what she had.
the shooter that she had is gone now and i replaced it with two hooks, kinda. like the weapon she has in the game ‘Bionicle Heroes’ i gues.

please let me hear what you think about this Moc and i am already happy that i can show it to you guys and girls!

(sort of battle pose)

(close-up of the face and such)

(pose of the front)

(pose of the back)

i hope you liked it and let me hear what you think about ‘HAHLI’, Toa Of Water!


I wouldn’t have made it so bulky, but this is really great. The hooks are what really drew me in. Great work.


Why Does this pose it reminds me Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?


Man that is
really manly for a girl

Gotta say though, I like the designs of the hooks. Reminds me of Bionicle Heroes, and that’s a good thing.


It’s a really nice build, but it doesn’t suit Hahli.

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This is really cool, if a little too masculine. I hardly see any revamps of the Toa Ignika (much less Hahli).

good work :smile:


A bit too buff for a lady.


Answer that to Korgot


That’s sexist.


I agree it’s a little. Bit odd for a female but it’s not like the mask looks feminine to begin with so I’m not that bugged by it. Nice moc.

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i approve !

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I will admit that this MOC looks pretty good from some angles like how it is in the first picture, but I feel like the chest is the biggest detractor because it is too wide for the rest of the MOC’s design.

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She looks pretty good. Nice job

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Well. she gained a lot of mass…

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why is everyone getting so up in arms about how bulky she is. she is strong, she has armour, she is able to defend herself. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM.

that aside, I think it’s a lovely rendition of Hahli. I didn’t even need to read the description to know that this is almost inspired by Bionicle Heroes. But yeah, ignore all the borderline sexist comments, as this is a great creation.


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Because it doesn’t look very good.

Pretty good, but I might make the limbs a bit longer. They seem a little poorly proportioned, even considering the original Hahli Inika.

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0/10 she still needs to shave.

But in all seriousness, this a great MOC with good designs, but I think the torso is a bit too… triangular

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Oh you!..
Women can’t be buff /joke

No but anyway pretty cool MOC dude i don’t think it’s feminine and would fir more of a kongu guy but other than that it’s alright

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Oh look! A group of mostly males arguing about what looks feminine and what doesn’t. Great moc btw.