Hakann, Avak, Vezok, Kongu, Nuparu and Matoro: 'Stylized Tributes'

I saw your Vezok and Kongu on Twitter and was absolutely blown away - very glad to see the rest of these! Wonderful work. You really know how to infuse your MOCs with life.


Vezok looks like a “beast.“ By far my favorite.

Not gonna lie, the Avak kind of grosses me out, which is probably intentional, still a really good build

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They are all fantastic! Except for matoro looking not really like matoro and more like, well generic ice dude.


Implying all three Matoros weren’t generic ice dudes? :thinking:

If you think about it, every humanoid is just a generic (insert element here) dude

Depends. The sets of Matoro were totally generic ice dudes - but the sets of, say, Nuparu were also generic earth dudes, and yet your build of him goes so much further than that and exudes his character.

I wouldn’t describe Matoro’s character as a generic ice dude - if anyone in Bionicle were to get that title, it would probably have to be Kopaka (but Kopaka’s not generic, he’s awesome :stuck_out_tongue:)

Avak hits me with the vibe of someone who has engineered his own body so much until there’s nothing left of his original self.
My fav definitely has to be Hakann though, he looks like a full-fledged demon.

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I love Vezok’s pirate vibe and Matoro’s sword design! Nice work!

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These are great!