Hakann revamp

Yo yo Piraka

Bully coming thru!

Nyran shot

Im not so proud of this one, its meh.
Constructive critisism appreciated


HAU did you do that torso???


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um, I guess it’s base around this?:

Doesn’t feel like a revamp, he seems to put on more weight yet I like the torso design, it’s just not fitting for Hakann personally.


This is how the torso is built

Like i said, not so proud of this moc

It looks like a completely different character than hackann, the body shape is completely different than hackann and, he looks like an almost combination model that is really cool. Though tahu’s mask is really akward

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Was I the only one who thought the zamors were eyes?

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Nope I did too

Pretty cool, but the legs are too far apart

This MOC is a mess. Too many inconsistent color schemes, the torso looks like a clobbered up mess, the two zamor launchers really look bizarre on the shoulders, and the HF leave things as thighs is not very good.

It could pass off as a “mutated” Hakann but not a revamp.

Heresy/10, solely due to you cutting Hakann’s spine mold off of the face. :frowning:

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He never skipped leg day.