Halberd 02: Senshi

My largest MOC to date; inspired by anime-style mecha and built around the Bignicle frame.


I love the color blocking here, and the upper torso design is great. Definitely captures the anime vibe.

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This is awesome! Despite being so large, the MOC still feels very complete. Also, the color blocking is very well done!


That’s a cool big boy.

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Wow! It looks structurally sound, and looks very cool! It certainly seems like your goal was met, also!

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Thanks! I’m glad the aesthetic came across.

I feel like the lower waist, especially above the hips, is too thin.
It looks like your main inspo here is Gundam, so the waist should definitely widen out to be about the size of the torso (sans the shoulderpads)

Ooh, this is a really pretty design, it actually gave me chills.

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