Half-life 2: Episode 3

Im just going to leave this here…


this is what the writer of every other hl had in mind for ep3

Eh he’s not with Valve so it could be ignored

and also it’s more of a metaphor for his leaving(mainly in the end)

though it’s a longshot they even get it out by the end of this decade

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he might have written that while he was working at valve

why release it then?

who knows, he might be trying to calm down the fans, since Artifact made everyone get angry

Releasing what is basically closure(or his form of it for) HL2 and its episodes over a card game black lash?

I will probably refuse to believe anything other than it’s just his vision as well as his personal farewell to HL and Valve while he figures out what to do next

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Welp, RIP Half-Life.

Well, It’s Not Dead, the Community is keeping it Alive. Plus, Mods like Project Borealis and Boreal Alyph are making what valve could have made.