Halfire Reborn [LDD]

Revolutionary Reborn

"My work against you people are done. I have other meaning to complete." -Halfire to Barup

Halfire Reborn - 2

  • Revive from unknown cause, Halfire return once more for a personal mission.

Halfire Reborn 3
Halfire Reborn 4
Halfire Reborn - 1
Halfire Reborn - Weapon


Dude, I didn’t know you are such a good moccist.
This is fantastic!

Is it pink?

Its kinda cluttered but its still pretty freaking good, specially the torso.

“is” instead of “are”
And “meaning” should be swapped for a word like “tasks”
Or if its one task then “I have another task to complete”

“Revived by an unknown cause” “returned”

Hope those grammar corrections don’t seem heavy handed or anything.

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I’m aware my grammar is poor, but I try to make my text understandable. :older_woman:
I also tried to avoid any references.

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He has a very interesting upper torso/head design and the weapons look pretty cool as well

Very nice work. I especially like the feet, for some reason.

Very interesting. I like the torso and weapon designs.

If i may pontificate his design feels clumsy and fragile looking, an honest disappointment from something that should really be a good MOC, in my opinion it’s in an uncanny valley, of “Well its complex but not” this same valley doomed G2 of bionicle so why would you think that it would go well here? i would presume it is due to an ignorance on downfalls of G2. or maybe simply bad design. in all else i would love to see a real life constructed model.

Your saying this moc is bad just because of G2 ending or bad structure? Your criticism doesn’t clarify very well; either that or your trolling since you just made this account an hour ago.

No, actually i’m saying the way it’s built is uncanny. which i compared to how g2 sets were built.

This character doesn’t belong in the Bionicle universe and there are other moc’s out there that have a more uncanny feel in G2.

it was a comparison, not a direct statement…

These LDD MOCs of yours, I find them to be scrumptious!