Hallorian V2 (My Self-MOC)

Hallorian is the general of the former empire of Ferochia. In its ruins he has battled the Calabraxians and their general The Destroyer. He will soon face an even greater threat, and that is when his full power will be released. If his full power is to be released he could destroy the destroyer. Sadly he can only do this once a year for only a day. Whenever he goes through this form he becomes a different person entirely. After he becomes more powerful

First look at moc in armored form with blade and gun

Showing of his blade

Non armored form

Jet pack

Armored form with no weapons

Hope you enjoyed this moc
If u want ti see v1 then click here


Srry pressed wrong button moc is displayed now

The pieces don’t really flow together very well, and the blue head sticks out quite a bit. It looks good, though.


A lesson I learned the hard way

“Bigger does not mean better”

this is WAY too messy, no flow at all. Feels like a jumbled scrap giant. While it may seem harsh, critique is obliged. Seriously, clean this guy up, I cannot tell what’s where and how he functions. The colors, while alright, somewhat clash. Maybe you’re going for the greebly look, but it doesn’t work…


Rlly not that messy
Just very complex
Thanks for suggestion though

is this real life

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Yes it is

Holy freaking giant gold MOC…

I personally like it, and can’t see any glaring issues right off the bat.

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I like some of the aesthetics you’ve got going here. However, I highly recommend taking pictures with a monochrome backdrop and better lighting. Right now it’s hard to see a lot of the MOC’s features.

Edited title for clarity -legomaster

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Thanks @legomaster1378 for the comment. I will start using better lighting although i dont have a very good camera. Using ipad camera

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Honestly, the camera’s not nearly as essential as having good lighting (set up some desklamps) and a good background (try setting a white table against a white wall).

For some excellent tips on photography, check out this topic:


Thanks @legomaster1378 for the tips. I will se them to take better photos and will present Hallorian V2 with these tips very soon. Probably tommorow or wednesday.Thank you @PakariNation99 for viewing this moc. Reviews are needed so tell your bionicle friends about this moc. @IllustriousVar plz tell Ven about this moc. I would like to see it on the moc spotlight for further critique and for ideas for future updates.

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Looking forward to seeing the pics!

BTW, I believe Ben has a “pick something randomly that looks cool” policy for the spotlight. Though your chances are significantly improved by a solid presentation. :wink:

Srry everyone. New pics are delayed to tommorow due to a party coming up. Srry

Very messy clean it up a bit and no it’s not just “complex”

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I really can’t critique this as I can’t see it well, but from what I can tell he looks interesting. The blue head is a nice touch that makes him look like he is wearing armor. Some stuff I would suggest is to get rid of all the Metru feet, and heavily redesigning the armored form and weapons. The jet pack should probably go as well. All in all this MOC certainly has potential.