Halloween 2016: Makuta's Return

Makuta returns from the Shadow Realm (totally not a purple folder) to enact his revenge, but ends up disrupting the annual Halloween party instead.

This is the first special that will be paving the way for BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse (trailer coming soon).

Mask of Ultimate Power by @Cyber-Hand.



It’s a nice, fun short; I’m excited to see more your work, especially if it involves your MOCs. Most of the voices are fine; some are even very nice, such as Breez and Makuta, but some are a bit cringeworthy. Surge comes to mind. I would reccomend using a less cluttered background, and possibly a greenscreen, but the overall product is very high-quality.

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Thanks! I’m planning on transitioning to MOCs once the movie is out. For now, the next video is for Thanksgiving.

Thanks! I’m quite surprised that you liked Makuta, since I didn’t edit my voice at all. As for the cringier voices, it was my intent to have Makuta’s 3 victims be as cringy as possible. I don’t remember why; I recorded that part of the video at midnight in the middle of September so that might explain it. Surge is meant to be annoying so that you can empathize with the Heroes dislike of him. Surge is just big caricature of himself from the TV episodes.

Thanks! I get this one a lot. We can’t really afford anything aside from the figures themselves, nor is there enough space at my house for anything professional. The goal of these videos is to have a homemade feel, like if this was a child’s play session but with sound effects and music (and community commentary, pop culture references, etc.).