Halo art

Yeah i'm gonna post all my Halo drawings here,so stay tuned for more,i guess.

First,i have this skirmisher murmillo i drew last night


Very nice. I like the amount of detail put into the feathers on his/her head.

@ToaVuhii Thank you!

Impressive @Ghosty
Very impressive.

Why did you tag m- oh I get it


Murmillion. The best skirmisher rank ever. I think your drawing of it is 9.9/10. I want to see those shields. But awesome nevertheless.

@RECspiriah Thanks!

@squeaverking Thanks! i'll probably do a full body version someday.

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Thanks Vader

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Preety nice, tho makin' stuff from side is ez... wait.. good detail + simplistic design + some kind of shadowing? Good... "Very... well!"

Best part would be head area

@Creep Thanks!