halo energy sword #2

so way back in august i showed off my energy sword i made in woodshop and said i would be making a second one once school started once again.

for those who are too lazy to look for my previous topic here is my first energy sword, modeled after the classic sword.

and now here is my second one that is modeled after the 343 sword which i just finished today

and now here’s a picture with both of them

the second one took way too long to make, i’ve been working on it since the first day of school and have had so many delays but i’m glad it’s finally finished


Those are big

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they are the canon size, which is 4 feet long

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These look good, though shaping of the handles need some work.

Dang, those look sweet! I get the feeling that they’d be awkward to swing around, though.

yeah they are, but they aren’t meant for humans to swing around in the first place lol

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