Halo energy sword

This is the energy sword I made in wood shop, it is the canonical size of what a real energy sword would be, four feet long. The blades were modeled after the halo 2 blades while the handle was based on the halo 3 handle. When school starts for me again in 17 days I’m going to make another one based on the halo 5 energy sword


Dont bring that into school that could be dangerous if you accidentally ignite it in class.

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But I made it at school… So it was always there…


Nice work, but the design of that thing looks incredibly impractical. Well, video game logic, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: . (Never played halo by the way…)

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Well then allow me to educate you, it is a 4’ blade made of plasma made for aliens that are about 8 feet tall, impractical for humans, but practical for them.


Ruthless is right dude, humans should never be Able to use those things

that’s dope

just gotta paint it now


That is unless I want it to be like the original which was just white, in fact this one originally was just white but then I oiled it so that it didn’t get water damaged