Halo Mattel Custom Spartan WIP

So I’ve been wanting to make my halo 5 Spartan in Mattel form for quite awhile now. Thanks to the help of the talented @Cyber-Hand I have started on making that idea into a reality.
Here are some WIP shots of him:

I’ve painted the helmet up with the correct color scheme and pattern according to the game and even did some layered painting for the visor since I use the deep red visor in the game known as the rampant visor.
Credit goes to cyberhand for the helmet model, after seeing the great work done on the g2 masks I commissioned him to make my enforcer helmet.
Really happy with this one, but still got some sanding to do to make it smoother, but I’ll wait on that(I want to do some molding and casting, but am probably going to wait until after the Christmas season so I have more free time).

P.S. I’ve been working on a Mattel Blue team display, so hopefully by New Years I can unveil that here.


Awesome! I love custom action figures, I wish I had the resources to do some of my own! Can’t wait to see this finished!

I love the idea, with the customizable armour system the figures have this should turn out looking perfect. :smile:

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Eww Mattel, the figures where a lot nicer when Mcfarlane made them.

Paint wise, you’re right. Articulation, potential, and ability to hold weapons goes to Mattel though. I just wish both companies had better quality control on their products. :confused:

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oooh awesome

When I get my DLP printer next year, I will be printing this model as a test piece. It should have a much higher resolution than the FDM printer you used. I will send the print to you if it turns out well.

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:ok_hand: sounds good, I’d be up for that. I did notice some of the details were lost in the printing, cause the model has all the nooks and crannies.

Well its pretty good, is that the enforcer helmet or commando(halo 4) i can’t remember the difference.

It’s the enforcer helmet, it my helmet for some reason.

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Good, cause halo 4 commando is heresy.