Halo Spartan Moc

Made this for fun more stuff to add to it


It’s neck is to thin

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made for fun not competition

Lots of conflicting textures here, and the armor flow seems weird at points. Otherwise it’s a good start.


thanks and theres a lot to work to do on it

Its a neat MOC, though I don’t see much of the Spartan in it. Good work though!

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Could definitely use some bulking out, but the resemblance is definitely there.

Clever head design. Perhaps using an ball and socket joint would make the neck more proportional?

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Good idea

I don’t play Halo but even without the title I would have definitely recognized this. Great job keeping to the source material.

That head is awesome!
It actually looks like master chief’s helmet.

The head kinda makes me think of a sangheili but with a spartan helmet on

Pretty cool colour scheme. Don’t like the blue pins and the brown for mask choice isn’t very suiting. I would go for a lime green in the head and I’d try to cover up those blue pins (although I know that can be hard.) besides that I like design and the weapons pretty cool, easily reminds me of Halo.