Halzahni: The King of the Forgotten Ones

Kholus here with another new Studio MoC.

A mysterious being who goes by the name Halzahni.

For his backstory:
Halzahni came about after the death of Karzahni, and became a King who ruled the Red Star, and the Island where Karzahni had poorly repaired matoran, earning the trust of the many residents by repairing them as they were supposed to be, but understood they couldn’t ever go back to the mainlands, or leave the great spirit robot, or at least it’s remains that were left underground.

It also appears to be the same with how he repaired the Teleporter on the red star, and choosing to keep it in his throne room for his own purposes of travelling between both Karzahni, and the Red Star, and some of his trusted assistants, allowing him to keep an eye on both areas. Or he’ll use it whenever he hosts a special round of “Games” to determine which lucky being gets to leave the Red Star, typically in a style comparable to Gladiator style fighting.

Unlike some who just outright kill the champion, he sticks to his word and gave them freedom, and a gift of a Golden Champion’s mask, but he does make one request that they don’t tell anyone about their experience, so technically, he still has his thumb over them.

He has no obvious intent to conquer more than just those two lands, but he seems to have taken a slight interest in seeing the rest of the planet.

Halzahni primarily uses a custom made sword, which some of the Red Star residents dubbed a “Lichblade,” because he could use it to awaken the dead Kestora when it came to getting the red star functioning again.

Halzahni also has the ability to steal spirits, and some assume this might have been a result of Krataka taking him along on trips using his Olmak. But they tax him a good deal. He also has accsss to elements like Earth, Stone and fire.

With his travels with Krataka, he also attained the ability to use some forms of magic, which he primarily uses to enhance his elemental powers, or imbue his sword with said energy to inflict a slow, lingering burn on his target.

That’s all I really have for him.

Below are the last few renders. Alongside an old render of his throne room


This guy is AWESOME.
How long did it take you to build this?!?!

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The idea had been stirring for a while, it was just a matter of getting the visualisation right. So it took a wee while to get him to look how I wanted him to.

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Nice job! :wink:

Wow! This is incredible!

Great MOC, excellent bone aesthetics. Honestly, I feel like he’d be pretty chill.

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Given the way you describe him, this guy just kind of comes off like he’d actually be really easy going and easy to get along with, the bone aesthetic just being a result of him having macabre tastes.

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So long as one doesn’t do anything like break his laws like trying to escape outside of the games, or god forbid, tell anyone outside of his territory about what they’ve experienced…