Han Solo VS Indiana Jones

Oh, okay.

I haven’t seen the one with the aliens… so I thought they gave him a magic whip.

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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t really that bad… I think the hate it gets is a little to exaggerated. While it’s probably the weakest Indiana Jones film, at least it entertained me. And if I was entertained by a movie, I don’t care about it’s hate or bad reviews. I don’t know if you would trust me or not, but I’l say it deserves to be watched at least once.

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How to avoid nuclear explosions with Indiana Jones: Episode 1: In the fridge.


Han Solo is definitely a more complex character with better development while Indy’s character is more of an absolute, not letting the situations change who he is. That being said, I think I like Indy a little bit more because it looks like Harrison Ford is having more fun with the character.


Indy. all day long.

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I’m calling it: in another 8-10 years, Alden Erenriech is gonna star in an Indiana Jones reboot.