Han Solo VS Indiana Jones

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Obviously the characters that have made Harrison Ford what is right now, and the characters from George Lucas’s most successful movies, Han Solo and Indiana Jones are two characters that we will never forget. But which one of them is better? Which one fits Harrison’s role the best? I wanna hear what you think.
IMO, Indiana Jones is Better then Han Solo. This may be since I like Indiana Jones more then Star Wars in some capacity, and I feel like Indy has a lot more in his character going on then Han does. Even though I love both of them, Indy is going to do it for me.
What’s your opinions?

Indiana Jones.

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I would love to hear why you think he’s the better Harrison Ford character


I just feel like he’s much more fun character to watch on screen then Han Solo. While Han has a important role in SW, he was always more o of side character that helps Luke, or Ray, whatever. Indiana Jones, on the other hand, was always the main character, as the franchise was named after him. I feel like watching Harrison Ford play Indy on Screen is way more fun and entertaining then Han Solo. While I love both of them, Indy is the way to go for me.

Indiana Jones.

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Han shot first, leaving Doctor Jones’s signature hat to soak in the gutter. No one knew why this duel started, but they all knew how it ended.

I see no reason to compare apples to oranges in any manner other than this.


Indy. It’s like seeing Han as the main character but unlike disneys NPC track record it’s fun.


But Indy shot first too. Remember Mr Asian Ninja Sword Turban Man?


Rick Decker is the superior role

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Never heard of that[quote=“Ace, post:9, topic:47151, full:true”]
Rick Decker is the superior role

Blade runner

Still never heard of it…

It’s a classic sci-fi movie. I had forgotten Ford was in it, to be honest.


Look, I love Indie, but you just can’t beat Han. His character developement is amazing, and he’s basically charisma personified. When he’s played by Ford, at least.



He shot first and has a laser pistol

Didn’t Indy Shot first the Egyptian Swordsman?

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Yeah, but Han has the laser pistol

And Indy has a magical Whip that can take him out of trouble. It is not his fault that laser pistols were not invented in the 30’s :joy:

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Wait, magic?

when did this happen?

It was just a figurative statement :grinning:

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