Han-Tyumi and the Spew-Coated Protein


My name is Han-Tyumi
I am a cyborg
If you may call it that
In a world that is dense and black

Quick-ish build I made for Biocup preliminaries this year.


Nice little alien in the container

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I love every aspect of it, there is nothing I can criticize… perfection

Whoah, this is awesome! I love the effect you created with the spring green parts.

I am both very intrigued and insanely grossed out by this. It looks great.

At a distance, you can’t een tell this is made out of lego. This is fantastic.

“Quick-ish”. Wow.

I really have to come up with something great for Biocup now, if this is the competition.

You’re use of spring green is a stand out here, but the body-in-the-tank is really cool, too.