Hand Preferences in Bionicle

I’m going to keep this open to discussing the handedness of any set, but to start off I want to bring up Kopaka Uniter vs his previous incarnations.

It seems to me that Kopaka, like most other sets, has always been a default right-hand dominant. But now we have his latest reincarnation, which has you build his sword in his left hand. Consistency? Being left handed in the real world, I would definitely put the sword in the left and the blaster in the right… Unless the sword is supposed to be a shield?

Regardless, talk about Kopaka Uniter or whatever other sets you feel need their handedness discussed. Personally, I’ve switched the handedness on several sets, including all of my Kopaka and Pohatu sets and Umarak.


This may just be me, but my favourite set of G1 was always Good Guy '06…if for no other reason than that he was the only set that was intended to be left handed in the first place.

If I like a set, I’ll switch its handedness to left, but if I dislike or respect the character, I’ll leave their handedness be.


Also, Kopaka could just be ambidexterous, or feel the need to hold his more powerful weapon in his dominant hand, for example, I can throw something farther, stronger, and more powerfully with my dominant hand, whereas I can throw more accurately with my indominant hand.



the thought crossed my mind, and i know this gets a little out there, but if the set designers really wanted Kopaka to be ambidextrous, then at least one other set would be built left-handed.

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Possibly due to being right handed i often put the the larger weapon or shooter tends on the right arm. This enables me to easily pose the weapon and do a ‘swooshing’ motion with my dominant arm. I do occasionally give characters weapons on the left side, however i normally leave this arm free for gesturing or pointing - similar to the below image.


Left arm i tend to reserve for shields, smaller daggers, claws or energy weapons. Sidorak kind of inspired me to do this with his weapon style. Though I’ve always tended to have the larger or more powerful weapon on the right hand.

In Kopaka’s case i think he looks alright, though his choices of weapons do not really sit well for me. If he’s firing with the blaster then he isn’t using the sword due to how unwieldy it looks. If he’s slicing with the sword he doesn’t need the small dagger/shield/shooter.


most of the time I build the left side of MOCs first, so usually, my characters end up left handed…


I usually go for right hand offensive left hand defensive, or whatever the weapons suit best. But if I’m given two offensive weapons they’ll be more aggressive and vice versa.


Concerning Kopaka Uniter, He has two dominant weapons – a blaster and a sword. Normally, when that is the case, the weapon that is harder to use – in this case, the ranged weapon – goes to the dominant hand, which is easier for the user to handle. The weapon that is easier to use – a simple sword – goes to the non-dominant hand.

Also, anyone else remember HF’s own lefty, Bulk?

As for me in Moccing, I just put whatever weapon in whatever hand I feel like.



I don’t really mind inconsistency, but I tend to put swords/bladed weapons in the right hand, with an accompanying projectile weapon (if there is one) in the left. If there’s only one weapon, it’s usually in the right hand, 'cause that’s how I would wield a sword…

And before you assume–I’m a lefty. I know, it’s weird…

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I only care when they’re set is different to their original. For example, Pohatu has his right arm as a throwing arm, so I dont like the fact his left arm is his jabbing arm. As for Kopaka, I cant see him swinging a sword left handed but then again I cant see him shooting left handed either, although it’d be more realistic.

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With Kopaka 2016, I’m right-handed, so if I had a gun and a sword, I’d definitely have the gun in my right hand. After all, that’s a thing you have to aim, and personally my left hand wouldn’t be a good choice for that.

Now with other sets, the only thing I can think of is Pohatu 2015. For some reason I like making him left-handed. I don’t know why, I guess it just fits him.


interesting thought… personally my dominant hand would be better at swinging a sword around, but i suppose that comes down to personal preference. and we’ll probably never know kopaka’s personal preference.

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For your consideration:

Maybe Toa of Ice are ambidextrous? :stuck_out_tongue:


so, basically we’ve uncovered another reason toa of ice are the best. :grin:


Pretty much all the Mahri switched though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm, I’d forgotten about that. Maybe it was just the Mahri, or maybe Bionicles just tend to be ambidexterous? I mean, they are robots. :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is a very valid point, but we’re going to sweep it under the rug so we can keep acting like this discussion matters. … right? :sweat_smile:

well that’s bizarre…


One exception.



I honestly despise Kopaka’s ambidextrous-i-ness. Talk about inconsistent, amirite?

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I believe Kopaka to be ambidextrous.

Everyone else is most likely right handed.

In terms of MOCs, I myself like to mix it up a bit. I have a few left handed MOCs, but most of them are right-handed. It’s funny that I actually take that into consideration as part of their character…


Never really thought about it

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