Happy Australia Day!

Have a good day Mates!
the reason I’m doing this is because I come from a land down under…


Australia day? Is that a thing?

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Yep! a day to celebrate when Australia saw the arrival of the first fleet and planting the British flag, if it wasn’t for that I might have been french!


It actually has more to do with the arrival of the First Fleet, and the planting of the British flag…

Sorry, my bad!
I feel awful for not knowing my own history…

Do you know about The Great Emu War Of 1932?


Yep, the large amount of emu populations were running amok in western Australia, bothers me that they call it a ‘war’ but I guess they had to describe it some how.


Well its officially called a war.


Fixed Catagory I think - Sp00py Distraxx
that boomerang looks nice


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Yea, I know, but in my opinion it sounds a bit much to call it a war when it could have been two guys with machine guns filling birds with lead.

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Yeah. But I just find the whole thing so funny.

Casualties and losses.
Australia: Dignity

Emus: 12+ birds

Decisive emu victory. :laughing:

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Nice moc. I really enjoy the boomerang and happy australia day

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This can’t be real.

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Oh its real alright.

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Well, um, happy Australia Day Emus!


I actually find the boomerang really really funny.

Nice to see the work of one of my countrymen. Happy late Australia Day!

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oh that’s hilarious.
“decisive Emu victory”
casualties and losses:
dignity and 12+birds

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Australia Day is 100% a real thing. And it’s awesome - I mean, a public holiday? For living here? Yes please!