Happy Birthday Big Boss(Takuma)

So it’s the coolest cast member’s birthday today (and I’m not just saying that because it’s freezing in Minnesota,) the one, the only, @TakumaNuva. So have a happy birthday big boss, and hopefully your back feels better.


Happy birthday takumanuva

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Happy Birthday, Takuma!

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Happy Birthday man! Have a great game night

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happy birthday takuma

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Happy Birthday man! Hope your day is going along splendidly, and I look forward to Madballs in a bit.



Happy birthday!

B-day to you
Btw do you remember Harambe?

Pleasant Anniversary of your date of birth, to thee

Happy birth of the days takuma

Happy birthday,Takumanuva!

Happy Birthday Takuma!

Happy birthday Takuma! Hope you enjoy it!

Happy (late) birthday, Takuma!