Happy Force Friday!

Hey guys, today’s Force Friday!
So, as the day of merchandise release, tell us about what you like about Force Friday. What do you hate about it? Anything to note in particular?

I, for one, love this “holiday”. The release of the Force Awakens Lego sets is great, as with the Battle figures. The new figures look great, and definitely a plus.

So tell us, what do you like about Force Friday (Reit.)?


Constraction figures are awesome, 'specially Grievous. I’ll be picking him up sometime soon.

System sets are overpriced.


I got to go to the midnight release with my family, as star wars is very dear to us

overpricd Toys r Us is overpriced though, so we only got the normal figures, I’ll try to get constraction sets later

My friend who is a star wars fanboy thinks the sets are dumb and that deluxe system figures are better.

Love the stormtrooper helment omg

As huge of a Star Wars fan as I am, and how much I’ve been looking forward to buying the LEGO sets…I don’t understand why people wait around at midnight in order to run in and hope all the other fanboys don’t clean the place out.

I mean, really. I get that it’s a special “experience”, but I don’t tend to enjoy sitting outside a store in the middle of the night with a bunch of strangers, waiting to charge inside and drop $600 as quickly as possible. :stuck_out_tongue: Instead, I’ll sit in the comfort of my home, and space out my purchases so as to savor the occasion.

Also I’m broke.

I just went to good ol’ Toys 'R Us for Force friday and I bought rey’s Speeder… I also got like four of those Stormtrooper bricks.

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because it’s fun, hanging out with family and friends, bonding more, talking star wars

it also helps that there wasn’t a long line


Decided to copy @Middlefingerstudios today and made a quick vader avatar.


It’s coming again…

Force Friday is back, and LEGO and S@H has a pretty legit deal for the European market:

  • The May the Fourth First Order Stormtrooper with any qualifying Star Wars purchase
  • Triple VIP points with any Star Wars purchase

Us in the U.S. get double VIP, but since the event started way too early, the Darth Revan minifigure is currently unavailable.


I have the money.
The problem is, when I buy action figures, they just sit there on my desk. Period. And they kind of make me sad because it reminds me of the days when I used to play with toys and life was better and I was happy.

I could buy a Funko, but it would just sit there.

I could buy a Lego set, but I would spend awhile building it, which is my favorite part, and then I would be done. And it would sit there.

I could buy a toy lightsaber, but I wouldn’t play with it.

I could buy that Stormtrooper helmet, but it would sit there and collect dust on my desk.

I could buy an Air Hogs, but I already own one drone and I plan on getting another for Christmas.

I could get BB8, but I would play with him a dozen times and then he would sit there, like the last robot I had.

I guess I’m down to clothing.