Harbinger Of Many Explosive Rampages 2.0

Yee, an update.


Harbingers Of Many Explosive Rampages, or H.O.M.E.R.'s, are the rarest and most dangerous of the Programmer's robots. Only 5-10 have been reported patrolling the ruins of the Tilkin capital.Their top speed has been recorded at 40 miles per hour. While their incredibly strong bite can rip through metal from up close, the mortar on their back could send modern stone walls tumbling down. When in close range, they use the turrets on the first portion of their torso to take out personnel. Their war flail-like tail can also dish out lots of damage.

Through vents inside their lower jaw, they can emit a powerful toxic gas which could even kill a Tukelios. Their tough armor is difficult to penetrate, but, if the neck or the joint connecting the two halves of their body is severed, they will be unable to function.

They have powerful eyes, able to see not only visible light, but infrared and x-rays. H.O.M.E.R.'s rarely leave the area they patrol, and only attacks those who stumble into its territory.

Yes, the head is a modified version of the one present on the Morro Dragon, but I find it pretty fitting for this kind of Tilkin automoton.


Love the look of this guy

Aww.... Noe explosive rampages.

This thing brings pyramids to mind for some reason.