Harlock: space pirate

I just want to know what your thoughts On this awesome movie, I really love how they did the animation.

My favorite character is harlock


I’ve watched this film before, but frankly I can’t remember anything from it.

Maybe I should watch it again.

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what is this?

IM no expert but I’m pretty sure it’s an adaption of an old anime. You should watch it

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Why are both the female characters depicted wearing skimpy underwear on the exterior of their clothing

That’s 3D anime for ya

Yulian looks like he just got rejected from Team Aqua.



I’ve never seen this movie but my dad used to watch the anime
don’t remember much from it but from what i remember it was alright

I am intrigued…

I saw this a looooooong time ago, but I remember it being awesome.

Yeah me too