Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Are there any fans of this book on the boards? When I first heard of the book, I was told it was going to be dull and boring, but I actually ended up liking the book. The messages, the meanings, the characters, etc. They’re all pretty neat.

So are there any of you here that are a fan of this book like me? Or do you guys just think it’s another dull, boring book? (Because I’d disagree with you there)


It’s a great book, I read it about a month ago.

Also, the (original) movie is one of the best novel adaptations I’ve ever seen!

Great book. I really liked the situation of the book.

Yeah, I have to agree with that. Although, I do wish they didn’t cut some scenes that were in the book.

But Gregory Peck is the best version of Atticus. No other version will beat him.

I can appreciate the messages it tries to deliver, but I just can’t bring myself to finish it because it’s so long and boring to me. I don’t think I can get behind the setting.

Ah, you’re like my older brother (not Kylerak). He had the same issues. I can understand it… At times the book gets a bit dull when it explains stuff.

I had to read it for school, and I loved the story and characters. My favorite part would always be the last few parts right before the ending.

Ah, you mean when they unveil what Boo Radley is really like?


I like all of the book. The characters, the lessons, the drama. And the book is well written.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the sequel, “Send forth a Watchman,” is going to play out.

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There’s a sequel?

Gonna come out soon, yes.