Harry Potter goblet of fire

hello all fans of lego and Harry Potter. im having trouble trying to find instructions to a lego Harry Potter set one can make when they have certain sets. im regarding to the previous goblet of fire line(when the Hungarian horntail’s wings were part number 51342(in 2005). the set one can make is the goblet of fire itself. I saw it in a lego magazine I saw when I was younger. ive been trying to find it lately to see if I can create it for myself but can’t find anything and would like some help

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Looking at a list of every Harry potter set released under the subtheme of the Goblet of Fire, from 2005 until now, there does not seem to be a single set which includes the actual goblet of fire in any capacity.

If you could provide any more details about the magazine it might help in identifying what it was you saw.

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I found this from the Nov/Dec 2005 issue (Internet Archive link). On page 6 or so there’s an advertisement for a building challenge with a goblet model made from some of the sets. No instructions though; not sure if they ever released any.


That was an insanely fast find. Looks like the goblet itself is not made with any of the pieces in the sets, although it appears to have a yellow upper half and blue flames smothered in a reflective glow to emulate the look of actual fire (albeit poorly).

@Kamoranova5 Looks like Arctur just found your goblet.