Harvali the Explorer

For those of you, who care: This topic might contain spoilers about the book "Revenge of the Skull Spiders"

That said, I guess it’s already clear that this MOC is supposed to be the missing archeologist from the jungle region. Probably there are already a dozen MOCs of her, but I wanted to try and build her anyways and I think the MOC turned out looking pretty nice.

This actually is my first honest CCBS MOC uploaded anywhere, I think. Although “CCBS” is kinda an imprecise term. The real custom stuff here just contains two parts I consider CCBS, after all …
But there’s another thing I tried out for the first time on a Bionicle MOC: Accessories. And they’re made out of system stuff to a great extend at that! (Looking at my other MOCs you might notice, that I usally don’t mix sytem with technic). I’ve seen this done a couple of times on other people’s MOCs of course and I think it works with the smooth CCBS look, but not really with the G1 building style, which I normally do.

Ok, let’s start with how I did Harvali. The arms and legs are obviously just those of Vizuna and the head is, of course, too. But instead of using the CCBS torso (which I hate by the way), I went for something much better looking and - most of all - 100% custom. I really like how the torso looks, there is just one single minor thing that is not fully to my liking: the torso is 1 balljoint higher than the normal Protector torso, thus making Harvali here a little taller than all the Protectors, which doesn’t really fit in my opinion.
I would have liked to do more custom stuff on arms and legs, too, but I simply have no idea what to do with parts that have neither axle- nor pin holes.
Instead I equipped Harvali with a bag (I still can’t believe I actually managed to make a good looking one), a knife (a tool, not a weapon), a spear (as in the book) and a lantern.
The spear was aimed to look as simple as possible, while not being build too simple. Or, to say it a different way, I needed to do something on the long axles that form the shaft. I’m not perfectly sure, if the yellow fits in that well here, but it looks better compared to Harvali’s colour scheme, than these parts in grey.
About the lantern: I know, that a lantern is normally held a little different, but I couldn’t pull that off without going for custom hands - which I might have done, if I had an idea how to do ones in this scale with five fingers (Harvali is, after all, still an Okotian).

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that she might become something like the G2 Chronicler?

But after all this text … what about more pics?

The journey begins!

Did I pack the mosquito spray?

Sharpening the spear

Thinking things through

And more pics, so you can better see the absolutely awesome beautifulness of the torso build. And no blue pins! (I took special care of that…)

What are yout thoughts?


That’s a pretty nice little villager build you’ve got there, but I don’t know anything about it because I avoided the massive text wall (I still have to read Revenge of the Skull Spiders, you see.). Also, no blue pins. Eljay (LJ?) would be proud. 10/10

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If you going to have spoilers
Write it in the title

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I could edit it, but I think having the warning in the text is good enough. Didn’t read the whole thing but it’s a nice little MOC.

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Looks nice.

I really want to peek under the hood of that torso, but it could probably be reverse-engineered. Fantastic job! Simple, but effective.


The torso is built kinda simple (after all, it had to be around the size of the Protector torsos) I had to take a few tries to get that CCBS shell to fit onto it and the top between the ball joints for the arms is probably an “illegal” build, but it works.
Most of it is held together by the T-beam in the back.
Glad you like it as much as I do!

Not bad and you’re right, no blue pins


its quite good but could you post a picture with a better weapon than a spear

I believe he based it off the book so he might just be keeping if accurate

i know but just to see how it looks and he might need something else to kill a creature

Woah, didn’t realize it was a girl, that’s amazing! Should probably read the book now… FEMALE CHRONICLER FOR G2

Anyway the little yellow thingys on the spear look odd… Other than that it’s really neat.



Exactly what @White_Rainbow said. Also she’s no warrior.


Nothing confirmed. As to the yellow on the spear … it’s better than in grey and better than the bare axle, but I agree, that it could look better. I’ll probably try and find a better solution eventually.


Oh I see, anyway also love how you built the purse thingy.

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perhaps you could make a sort of necklace made of gems or teeth

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Well I think it would look cool, but again he might want to keep it accurate.

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Bravo man. this MOC is groovy. Also I didn’t read anything to avoid spoilers, so sorry.


The book is pretty vague about her appearance.

Though to avoid spoilers I won’t say much more. Perhaps I’ll add to this MOC over time, I’ll see.

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This moc is pretty great I especially like the accessories they add a lot of character

0/10 not qt enough

Great, but simple moc! Love the colors, and the pack is a nice touch.