Has anyone actually used the product feedback?

On the back of every lego instruction booklet there’s an ad on the back telling kids to go to a lego survey and review the set for raffles and some other stuff.
I mean… has anyone here actually used this feature or something? I used it but I never really finished the survey.

Basically it asks you some normal things such as:

-on a scale of 1-10 would you call this a cool product?
-say some things about this product that you like.
-say some things about this product that should be changed.
-hey do you want to subscribe to lego magazine it has lego in it cmon you know you want to buy the lego magazine
-did it come with any missing pieces?
- u want free money

Yeah. I tried doing this with Skull Basher today.

Still, has anyone used this survey at all?


Tons, but I never win…


I use it whenever I’m broke and want a set.
But I never win :cry:


It sounds like an interesting idea, though I’ve never done it.

I did it once. Of course I didn’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did it recently for MMvSG

I did it for 8535 Lewa not too long ago, didn’t work ,got redirected to the sweepstakes rules.

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I’ve never done it. Is it easy to do? I might start just to help Lego out and give them feedback.


Used it a couple of times a looong time ago,never won anything thought…

I did it once with one of my Glatorian. I think it might have been Mallum.

Of course I didn’t win anything. Mallum’s dishonor jinxed it.

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