Has anyone even bought something from Marketplace?

I was just wandering… We obviously have the Marketplace category, where we can buy or sell stuff. But has anyone even bought something out of here? I am assuming that at least a few people did, but I don’t see who would buy from a person that he doesn’t even know, who might even be from the other part of the globe! And since this isn’t an authorized shopping site like for example Bricklink, I don’t know…


The only topic I can recall people buying stuff from was Ven’s custom painted mask shop. But I’m sure there’s others people have bought stuff from.


Yes. I’d bought a Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder set off of well known Craigslist extraordinaire @Political_Slime back in 2015:

Any transactions are ‘at your own risk’, though there haven’t been any cases of fraudulent activity as far as I’m aware.

This topic has a bunch of info about the category: