Has G2 changed from when you first looked at it?

It may be me mis-remembering something, but I recall mention from the announcement of G2, you said that LEGO had you look at their “Story Bible”.

I doubt you’d be allowed to disclose any proper information regarding what was going to happen story-wise (if it changed a lot, that is)

So my question, to format it a bit better would be;
Was it a drastic change from when you first looked at it?
Was there going to be more past 2017 from what you read?

I’m honestly quite curious since it seems G2 had quite the drastic change from 2015 to 2016

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Beyond that first, quick look at the bible, I didn’t work on G2 at all. Matt Killeen did all the Club writing for it, so I didn’t pay attention to where the story went. And as a rule, I don’t comment on G2.