Has the website updated?

I’m aware that the site was updated to be able to edit old topics, but on mobile, it looks like a few things have changed as I usually use mobile. Has there been another update to the Boards again?


No idea. If it has, then I haven’t noticed the changes.

Normally suggested topics wouldn’t have parts of the text of the topic, rather it was always like ones on the bottom two regardless if it contained unread posts

When going to unread, it used to say which category the topic is in beneath the title, but not anymore

I haven’t checked if the desktop version has changed as well though, just mobile


doesn’t seem like an update, it looks more like a downgrade


Yeah, it also shows you the first picture of the topic on the lego creations category. The worst part is that I don’t know which topic things are in from the get go.

And click on the Stub. It’s a fun little mecha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve noticed that too

I also noticed the artwork is also updated, and I keep getting the some glitches like top banner keeps getting sometimes opening big gap and sometimes it’s makes the lower sections look like they swimming. Plus I can’t ever get to upload a picture.

Oh hey, I can see me on there, that’s… odd, but cool I guess

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boom new update, it looks much better now

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Hey, I just noticed that too