Has Wildbrain gotten better or what?

So After rewatching season 13, I realized something. It seems that Wildbrains animation style has gotten much better since season 11. In season 11, the 2 things I hated most were the “anime style” scenes and the fact that when the ninja spoke, their mouths moved to the sides of their face. Season 11’s animation just doesn’t look good and it is not my favorite. But season 13’s animation is much better and their mouths don’t move anymore, even though it is the same company animating them. What are your thoughts and do you think Wilbrain improved?


it could just be a case of them improving and getting used to the material over time, tho i think season 15 (crystalized) looks much better due to it being the only season this year - meaning they had more time to work on it and make it look more visually stunning

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