Hautaka's MOCs 2 ( less rule-breaking upload edition )

After Sheldon was killed in the Great Flag War, Hautaka decided that he wasn’t going to break the rules, unless he gets unjustly flagged. I was going to post some WIPs too, but I don’t know when I’m going to order the pieces I need, and that’s probably not routine, so I’ll post them when their finished. Here’s some more MOCs for you dudes and dudettes. (Names subject to change)
Hautaka (Le/Shadow Matoran)

Katau (Ga/Onu-Matoran)

Kuo (Ga/Onu-Matoran)

Pahi (Onu-Matoran) (Not Kahi)

Kohva (Ko-Matoran) (Mask will probably be painted) (Click for whole photo)

Ahkmou the Conquerer (Po/Shadow Toa) (Mask and hands will probably change)

"Speedster" (Ga-Matoran?)

Look at these masks I painted for Hautaka and Pahi!

The paints I used were Testor’s Spray Enamel Emerald Green and Blazing Black. Yes, these are spray paints! Unfortunately, these paints are expensive. 5 to 7 US Dollars each!
Thats all I have time for today! See you next time!


I really love some of the Matoran, but Ahkmou seems a tad cluttered to me, and not really like Ahkmou.


I honestly really like some of the matoran builds. They’re basic, but pretty clean. I must say that Ahkmou got a pretty unflattering close-up shot, though.

These are really neat, they all look unique and cool in there own way

I actually really liked that MOC

these are quite cool and the edition name is kinda funny

These all look pretty neat, and I really like the painted masks. :smile:

also when i saw the first picture this is all i could think of


You are my favorite person ever, @PekekoaOfJungle


The first is probably the best.

@legofan3225 Did you mean Kohva, my Ko-matoran? I thought the picture was going to be a bit smaller, but some reason, it came out as just a close-up of his mask. That’s why I said to click on the picture to see the image I thought was going to be in the post. Sorry about that.

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Oops, I was looking at the wrong name! :joy: Yeah, clicking on it reveals the photo. Thanks!

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the chest on that self-moc, for some reason this is what I think of when I see it…

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Well its a foot chest!

In b4 ban /s

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@AwesomeJoel27 What does In b4 ban /s mean? I’m confused.

@The_Hervibore He’s always prepared! That’s why he has his trusty safety vest!

@Joe I was just trying to add some greeble to him. That’s all.

uhh, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a safety vest…
also originally for the picture I had a random picture I found off google search there, so I changed it for safety.

I feel like some of it lies in the setup for his build, it looks a bit incoherent in some areas, bulky in some yet thin in others.

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@Joe Ah. I see. I can revamp him when I feel like it! Thanks for the input!

@The_Hervibore Ok?.. What is it then?

Let’s make matoran ace attorney characters

These are some great designs! In fact, Hautaka has one of the matoran designs I have seen!

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The painted masks are cool

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Here are some responses to what you may have meant:
Worst: K
Best: Thank you! I’m planning to finish a how-to of him on the how-to topic if you want to build him!
I meant what I said: Yup, he is certainly one of them!

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