Hautaka's MOCs 5 (K2-SO's Halloween costume)

I just got K2-SO yesterday and I came up with this. You may think it is a joke MOC, but I do think it has some potential for bird rahi designs.
K2-SO as a raven!

There is a 97.6% chance of birds.
Peck peck peck

Here is a closer look at his head.

I also made an underwater variant of Hautaka. I don’t know if I like it much.

That’s it for today! See you next time on Hautaka’s MOCs!


They said he could be whoever he wan’t to be. So he became a flightless bird.


I love the beak. Reminds me of Wily Coyote :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hautaka’s MOCs 6 is coming sometime…