Hautaka's MOC's

This was originally a Self Moc of my mom, but I’m not sure what I want it to be anymore. I used Brain Attack Furno’s cape and used it as a dress. Simple, but I like it.

This is a group shot of some mocs I made a while back. Since then, the matoran with the Avohkii, the Turaga with a sawblade hat, and the Turaga of Earth on the far left have been disassembled. Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti. :cry:<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/a/8/a884ced4635aac8dd7ad6e6d1b20e0897a3c4765.jp
“Listen again to the legend of the Bionicle. In a time before time…” The character beside Hautaka is a Turaga Hordika.
Lastly for now, this a mechsuit travelling across the water. Who could be in it? Maybe Greg? :gregf:
I’ll be sure to add some mocs in the future! Be sure to keep an eye on this topic for I will post my secondary self moc Sheldon soon! (Sheldon isn’t my real name btw)


Wow, these are some simple, but nice looking designs! Keep up the good work and welcome to the Message Boards!

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I mean its a nice photoshoot and all but I really can’t tell what any of these look like.


looks pretty good but the some of the photo shoots dont look that good to me

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I do understand that these aren’t the best photos, @AwesomeJoel27 and @LTVmocs, and I was planning to show these mocs again on a plain white background. I’ll post those soon! Please note that some characters may look a bit different, but that’s because I revamped them since these photos.


Hautaka, Hau taka, Hau. Hau…

Why doesn’t your self-moc wear a Hau?!

My name is not based on the Hau or Artahka. Its a neat Maori word.

I was thinking something like hau brutaka, but that works.

P.S. oh…

What do you mean by “oh…” ?

uhh, idk.