Have you ever lost something rare?

as the title says, have you ever lost something rare?
doesn’t matter what brand or item.

i lost this poor guy


I lost my cat.


i lost my voltron figure

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I lost my Reshiram Pokemon card.
I don’t know if it was rare, but I still lost it.

I’m pretty sure I left it in my pants pocket and washed the pants, which is why I don’t have it anymore

Funny I had the exact same type of lizard stuffed animal.

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I lost my golden Vahi.

I lost my dignity


I lost some Superman figure in a park. I think it was stolen?

was not so much as lost but missed out I was at a yard sale when I was around 6-7 years old I’m 19 now when a saw a charizard card didn’t think much of it but found out years latter that it MIGHT of been one of the most rarest Pokémon cards worth what like $200-$300.

I hate myself for not picking it up even if was not the rare ones. lol

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I actually HAVE that guy…

And I lost my faith in the world and humanity

i lost this in air port

Hey i have the same one

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I lost my ability to lose bad memories

I lost my Krana-Kal Bo.

Wow same. Who woulda thunk it.

I lost my innocence.



My pokemon deck. I haven’t found it for years :B It has a rare Arcanine EX card, worth some 30-40 bucks.

I lost most of Vezon and Fenrakk, and the turntable piece from Mazeka. Rip in pieces.

I lost a binder of Pokemon cards on the playground in first grade. They contained all of my first cards, like a weirdly steel-typed Pikachu and way too many Turtwigs. I remember crying so much the day I didn’t find them…

I lost my ability to care.