Having serious issues posting new MOCs

Whenever I attempt to post a new MOC, the banner for "more creations like this" that comes off the title bar sometimes rises above the top of the screen. I can't click the (x) as it's not accessible, and it covers everything I'm trying to type in the text box.


This is on Google Chrome's latest version (AFAIK)


I've also noticed this! It happened with while I was posting some art from my computer! :confused:

you uh

might have to zoom out the page's usual size and into one where you can click the x

or live with it


I don't have this issue...

BTW, this was a test, do not expect any sort of spam topic from me. XD

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You do. It's rising above the top of your screen and the (x) can't be clicked.

I've found it will cover the whole screen if you minimise the grey part of the screen then bring it back up again.

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There are a few ways around this:

A: zoom out and x out of the thing.
B: make the topic with a random name and category (something like "why are we here?" in Music works), then give it the correct name and category when you finish your post. Or leave the name and category different to confuse people, you can do that too.


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Oh yeah... that thing. It needs to be one size and have a scroll bar. I feel that would make it less annoying.

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