Hazash's Meme Compilation (01/03/16)

What I lack in artistic skill, I make up for in humour (I hope) and an otherwise useless ‘talent’ with MS Paint.
Since the boards don’t allow single-meme posts, I thought I’d archive all of mine here.
Behold my collection of Bionicle and TTV memes.


Just a few memes for the TTV Talks Crap stream :stuck_out_tongue:

00:39 - Kahi’s Pizzas

00:40 - Anyone for Quiche?

01:20 - Meso finally gets round to playing Halo

Definitely not a sniff of sadness :wink:

** 02:25 - Ven Hates Everything**

02:37 Don’t Feed Viper After Midnight

Viper, eat your snickers. You turn into a real serial killer when you’re hungry.


Eljay Makes a Complaint

It’s at times like these that a T-rex would be useful

Poor Viper

Melum looking like he’s about to drop the sickest mixtape of 2015

Tahu’s Grey Hair

Lego why u do this


Still Waiting

This would really help

As of now, this post is approved so long as you don’t post any of your own meme-based content here.
Your own memes can be posted in the Quality Fanart topic, unless you have a collection like this, in which case I suggest you inquire with the moderators before posting.


10/10 Would meme again M8 Git umarekt

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Well that gave me a good chuckle. Dank/meme

I think this can be allowed, as long as nobody else posts their own, since this is YOUR art topic.


Thanks. I appreciate it.

adequate memes.


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No no no. DaNkness. With an N.

######I lost my respect for you

I wasn’t aware that you had any in the first place.

I like moustache Tahu

Just added some new memes for the TTV Talks Crap livestream. Take a look :slight_smile:

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Shouldn’t the faces be the other way around?

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Just beautiful

Pretty great stuff here. I found some of them quite funny, even without context.