HDNX, gunslingin' Zirahk

HDNX, sibling to the previously-posted KDNX (in the sense that they were created by the same Makuta).

Like KDNX, HDNX has articulated spines and a tail, and doesn’t carry a typical Rahkshi staff, instead opting for a pair of revolving six-shooters. Another unorthodox design element they share is their atypical color schemes - while KDNX completely throws out the traditional Derahk scheme, HDNX accentuates the Zirahk’s pure yellow colors with brown. HDNX completes their outfit with an ornamental hat.

Of course, they also have access to natural heat vision powers, as a Rahkshi of Heat Vision.

Personality-wise, where KDNX is young-at-heart, naive, and inquisitive, HDNX is reckless, bold, and wild, ready to start trouble whenever he can. They both share a sense of adventure, and the sapience granted by their status as Shadow Kraata make them both hungry to explore the universe. Their personality differences alter their approach to this goal - KDNX avoids communities where his appearance is a herald of doom, while HDNX simply bulldozes them. Their differences are even highlighted in their builds - KDNX is lanky and thin, more suited to movement than combat, while HDNX is bulked up, with thick shoulderpads and a muscular torso.

meme below

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I like the tiny hat.
The upper body build is solid, but the lower body could be fleshed out just a bit.

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Hmmm… Slizer foot?

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Maybe, if you can fit it in.

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I love the transparent pieces used to make the gun appear to spin, very creative. The base design your two Rahkshi share is also a good one, at the moment a little top heavy but some small pieces in the waist and legs could solve that. The story also made me smile.

So uh, you know how there are custom emojis? Like :exx: :gregf: :tuma:
I now want HDNX’s head as an emoji…


i like the way this looks!
i never seen a cowboy rahkshi befaw yee haw diddly beans

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Love this, cool rahkshi with a fun twist. :slight_smile:


Thank you both!

This is just the canon design for a rahkshi of Accuracy, right?

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Unsure if you’re joking, so, no, it’s not

Yes a joke

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Oww I love this. This is such a fun character. Love the hat, love the eye lasers and the use of clear parts to replicate the spinning gun is super creative.
Have to wonder the personality of the Makuta that created this guy.

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The personality of HDNX (and all my Rahkshi, teasing an upcoming post) is emergent - the Makuta in question did some experiments on a batch of Kraata which caused them to develop rapidly into Shadow Kraata, as well as become quite advanced mentally. As a result, they each have unique personality quirks, weapon choices, and sometimes even color schemes and gender identities.

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Cowboy Rakshi? I’m sold. Epic

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Yeah this absolutely rocks. Any comment I’d say would just be a repetition of what was said ten months ago by several others, the swirling gun trick, the hat, etc. The color scheme is quite balanced and I love how the brown emulates the leather elements of the classic cowboy get-up.

I also love the gun design, and that the connection point is seamlessly integrated into the grip. Plenty of personality here, something the Rahkshi were sorely missing, given the canonicity of Shadow Kraata sapience. You really filled in that blank expertly here.