Headless Horseman

Based on the legend of Sleepy Hollow. For BBC 71 on BZpower.

The Headless Horseman Black Horse Horse Side Detail Horse Back Detail Rider

Dang, I was gonna enter that contest with a headless horseman.

Love the amount of detail in this and the whole cryptic feel. If only the horsemens head were a jack o lantern it would have been spot on.

That horse is amazing.

Pretty good apart from a gap in the head, open balljoints in the back and a white gear.

Good except the horse's gear-rear.

Holly balls, great job...

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Aw, without the gear, there would be no function. At the very center of the hips there is a throwbot torso that allows you to raise and lower the hind legs, so there is a reason for the gear being there.

Other than the horse neck, this is neat!

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That horse is amazing... Also the horseman looks pretty cool. I love how you were able to implement the look of his clothing into the build.

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I got to admit this looks great.
Love the head.