Hederix Elemitrix of Venom / Vernon Creature of Venom

I seriously need to get all these out of the way so I'm not going to go all into it here. I'm just going to the pictures an some personality.

Hederix is the hunter of the Elemitrix group. He was a great tracker but an acidic personality.

Hope you all liked this MOC, have a good day or night.


The Elemitrix is really meh, but not bad. The creature, however, is really cool. I like how he's combines elements from various poisonous creatures.

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The Hederix figure is cool.I like the color scheme and the armoring fits the venom theme very well. The gears visible on the sides of the torso gearbox piece are a little odd, though.

The creature is really neat and has a great insectoid design. I especially like the head and the use of the Visorak feet.

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Looks pretty good. I would buy...