Hekate the dragon Empress V1

Not bad for version 1 don’t you think?
leg design is not mine, i found it on youtube but i don’t know who made it


You should try to add some more from the wings’ colors to the main body. I’ve seen that design too, I know what you’re talking about.

It is nice for a CCBS moc, although simple and hard to watch due to the pictures being upside down. I would recommend you to post more than three pictures in the future.
Also, this is a personal issue that would not really be classified as a critique, but when I say ‘Hecate’ I think at a purple and black woman.

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Though the picture is upside down, crop it to fix that… hopefully…

The colors are nice and the overall design is pleasing to the eye

Maybe try re-working the name, because “the dragon lady” sounds a bit simplistic.

it was from a generator… @IceBear
i didn’t know what to name it at first so i was open to it

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What about Dragon Empress?


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You’re welcome.

i was thinking that MAYBE it’s because the picture is new and it needs time loading.
so i wanted to leave it for a large amount of time to correct itself

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Oh, sorry then mate