Helanya Version 3

Well, I did say version 3 was coming soon... and here it is. This'll probably be the final one for a while, since I'm very satisfied with it. Key differences from version 2:

1) Narrower hips, now the same width as standard Metru or Vahki hips. This was my main problem with the previous version; the gears in the hips looked cool, but they were far too wide. I've managed to keep the gears, but now she's a little better proportioned.

2) Added detail on the legs. I never did all that much with Helanya's legs before, which is a shame since they're completely mechanical and that allows for some fun details. This version fixes that, with some added rods and pistons, particularly on the lower legs.

3) Reworked body. Redesigning the hips necessitated a redesign of the body. I managed to keep the same armor on the front, since I think it works rather well, but inside she's very different. Once again, rubber tubes proved to be particularly useful for filling in some gaps.

4) Weapon. Helanya's sickle (or scythe, but I think it's more sickle-ish) has gotten a small upgrade, mostly to reflect the back story I'm working on. Basically, I added some lime green. It's not a great color scheme with red, but in the story Helanya was given the sickle by Feldratus; he is from the Jungle Tribe, and originally, the sickle was a tool used to clear heavy vegetation around Tesara, hence the green.

As usual, credit to Tayanacon for the original character. Also, apologies for the blurriness of the back picture. It wasn't so obvious on the little screen on my camera...


I really just cannot get over that 3-d printed helmet. As for the rest of the MOC, I enjoy it quite a bit. She definitely looks feminine whithout being too provocative, and, as you said, the mechanical design of her legs adds really interesting detail. However the arms are still a bit simplistic, and they see, a bit too long proportionately.

Overall: Great job matey.


Thx! I agree the arms are a bit long. Originally, I designed her and my other glatorian MOCs to fit alongside the canister sets, which looks nice on display but it does have its cons in the proportions department.

Hopefully, once I'm done with classes for the semester, I'll have time to design some more helmets.

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I think it'd be good if you Added lateral bicep movement. Other then that it's perfect

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Eeeh, i think that legs in version 2 were better!

What do you mean by lateral bicep movement?

In most MOCs utilizing the Inika arms, you can only move the forearm up and down. Lateral bicep movement is just using an open ball joint and socket connection, instead of a socket and closed ball joint, and it allows forearm movement across the chest and such. @Nyran is a little obsessed with this concept, and for a good reason I suppose.

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IMO, it just adds so many more options for dynamic posing and the like.

I mean, I'm also a transformers guy, and sometimes I take for granted the almost default status most Bionicle MOCs and figures have in terms of Balljointed necks, ankle tilts, and with MOCs these days, Waist Articulation.

Adding Lateral Bicep Movement is just like, the icing on the cake.

It's especially important for characters who use melee weapons.

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Ok, that makes sense.

Still love that helmet.