Helicopter Car & Matoran Jaller and Takua MOC

A helicopter car vehicle MOC and Jaller and Takua MOC. I should've given Takua a blue mask and Jaller a gold mask, but oh well. SKIP TO 1:30 GEAR FUNCTION!!! THIS will save you time over my boring voice lol.

one of the wings isnt like the others, but mostly the MOC's alright


@JMP Thanks! I was limited in pieces. If I had another Tahu, I would've added his Fire Blade piece.

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Nice! I like the functions.

that's definitely arcuz. I should play that again...

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I've really got to make some vehicles.

This MOC is great. I want it. NOW!

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This is a Jaller Moc I made long before I watched this video:

Your Jaller is obviously the superior as my one is the protector of fire with some swapped out parts and a Tahu Nuva sword. Though they do have some similaritys as they both only use trans Orange for their armour except for their chests where they have silver- and the same mask. Also the helicopter car is pretty amazing.