Hello (sorry for bad english)

Im definitly new to this site and here is my obviously not first moc!

Hello, im back... ghost


@Creep (joined August 2 2014)


That little thing is actually adorable.

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Wut a kewl moc!
It luks vry cmplx! I wood nvr b abl 2 mak sumthng so hrd lukin!

But seriously, welcome back, man!

[Leans back from screen]
Bob! We are going to need more salt!

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You remind me of someone.
Anyway, cool.

I gotta say, I love the binocular-gun connection. Great move. I also like the connection with the binoculars and the holder piece for the pointy thing. I've seen that used only once in a Lego set as far as I know, and I like how you incorporated it here. :smile:


This topic... It has changed.

This is Kronkiwongi incarnate isn't it.

Also hello. You have returned.

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