Help finding LEGO items

This is a topic where you can post random stuff you want/need that may be somewhat rare, to have other people help you try to find it (aid in the quest, if you will.) I have had a few of these rather obscure things I've looked for in the past, and community help is wonderful.

Anywho, I'll start- I'm looking for old Bionicle canisters. No sets, just the canisters. I know, kinda weird. My mother threw them all out, or the majority of them at least, years ago, and my collection just feels incomplete without them.... I'm looking for the 01-03 cans in particular. Thanks!


Sorry dude I threw out all of my 01 to 03 canisters a while back but I recommend checking eBay or Craig's List

there's lots of random people on ebay selling empty boxes/canisters

Not that I've seen, unfortunately....

lots of squids