Help Finding Similar Songs

Have you ever fallen in love with a very unique song that you just can’t quite find more of? I tend to find myself in this situation more often than I’d like, so I figured I would make a topic so people can help each other find similar music.

It’s simple- think you’ve got a song that’s similar to one somebody linked? Help a brother out and link it for them! Looking for more music that’s similar to something you’ve heard? Link the song and hopefully somebody can help you out!

As to reduce topic clutter, I would advise that you link at most two songs at once.

Now, shall I start us off?

Ever since I heard this song, I knew I wanted more of it, and would greatly appreciate some help with this one.

Now here’s a tough one. I have yet to find anything even close to this. Let’s see if any of you have.


TBH the only thing that I can think of that you might like for the first one is 1000 years, although there’s a good chance it’s too pop-y for you’re liking (try and ignore the twilight connections). Outside of that maybe Evannescence? They tend to have a lot of piano in they’re stuff. Also try 2 Steps from Hell, big dramatic orchestral stuff.

For the second one, I got nothing. Sorry.

Now my stuff:

Haven’t found any other songs that embrace baroque style elements into a metal track with high falsetto like this (outside of this album).

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@OculusNuva depending what you like about the first song you may enjoy this.

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These might be stretching it a bit, but I have a few that remind me of the second one. Namely the percussion.

Videos have somewhat disturbing themes, so I’ll be linking them with spoilers.

Here’s Inverted by Lorn, it ends on a fairly similar percussion note and has similar synthy elements to the end of Machine Gun:

However, if it’s more in the inclusion of moany vocals over percussion that you’re after, you might try We Love You Celestial by IAMTHEKIDYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN

It’s much more melodic and electronic, but I think it covers an area that Inverted misses.

I could also be totally off as well.

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@OculusNuva here’s something for the Metro one

and for Dark Souls

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