Help finding YouTube mocist

Hi. I’m trying to find a YouTube I don’t remember their account name, but I do have recollection of their works and I have managed to find a photo of one(the videos cover photo) of one of their works. Can someone perhaps help me with this?

Ok. Found a YouTube link to one of their videos but it’s set as private

Dies anyone know hOw to find the uoutubers account name when the video is private?


I recognise the thumbnail you showed. I remember watching this channel in around 2015-2016. gosh that was 7 years ago, time sure flies :skull:

The channel was called MrEgr45 or something like that. The key word here is “was” because, by the looks of things, it no longer exists. (The fact that the video has been privated is proof of that) Either the author deleted the channel or it was terminated by YouTube.

Sorry to disappoint, but most likely this guy’s work has been lost forever


I’m not familiar with the guy, but I think this is his current channel

This video here seems to explain why he left (it’s in Russian, though)